Mask Of Albésia Wood Rama Shinta Statue

Decorative objects of exotic origin, ancient and symbolic, are more and more noticed. Just like this albaskia wooden mask Rama Shinta Statue from the World's Art collection. This decorative object will easily find its place in the modern interior decoration. Small in size, it can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf, a table as a decorative trinket.

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This historic or thematic signature in exterior design interior design is not new to the western world.

The most well-to-do used to report from their safaris or their adventures the remains of their peregrinations which they hung on the walls of their homes. Today, we bring back memories of our travels or we use the web design to take advantage of decorative elements personalized or unusual. The wooden mask of albésia in the image of Rama Shinta is the kind of statue that can bring a special atmosphere in the room where it sits.

The supreme interior design is a tedious job of the designer manufacturer. A copy like the Rama Shinta Albésia Wood Mask is a little more like a religious symbol, so much the details made with the gold leaf are worked and cared for. Passionate about Asian culture like the elements of decoration that cause a fascination for the visitor.

An Asian-looking statue

The Rama Shinta albésia wood mask is an element of decoration that diverts the attention of observers. It is an object of decoration which has the priority of the glance, because of a perfectly appropriate marriage of the gold leaves and the green color which serves as finishing. An exotic wood that lets its natural signature disappear under the hand of the designer manufacturer who is inspired by a symbol from Asia.

A statue of about sixty centimeters

The opportunities of web design are both economic and aesthetic. Especially since this has allowed exotic and historical works, sometimes religious, to interfere in the interior design exterior modern contemporary design. With a width of 13 centimeters and width of 61 cm, we have a large statue representing Rama Shinta which culminates at a height of 60 centimeters. Its weight is 0.4 kg with a thickness of 4.5 cm.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers other decorative items to complete the decoration of your office, you can look in our subcategory wall decoration that offers products that will marry perfectly with this beautiful wooden mask albésia rama shinta statue. We also advise you to look at the decoration category that groups objects to personalize your interior.


Length X Width (cm) : 61 cm x 13 cm

Weight : 0.4 kg

Wood : Albésia

1 Item

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