Carved Palm Trunk Vase Blue Finish

Who would dare to imagine that a worn palm tree trunk could still be used other than firewood? Our designer here is not of this opinion by creating this vase trunk of palm. A blue finishing touch has been added to enhance the vase's value. It can now be used to adorn a room, a coffee table or high on which it will enthronish.
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The palm trunk vase blue finish asserts the natural side by adding a human touch of art to sublimate the result.

Nobody can question the sensuality of a well-worked wood. When it is an accessory that can occupy a central place in a small space, such as a trunk palm palm blue finish, it's a real pleasure to own it.

The palm trunk vase blue finish is a decorative accessory that has this exotic and tropical touch. A kind of ornament that can go alone or in accompaniment, with flowers for example.

A trunk of palmtreelikevase

The trunk of palm tree enters the middle of the modern decoration with a presence which asserts itself more and more in the contemporary interiors. Designers of our time use primitive raw materials such as wood to bring them up to date. The kind of thing that has been used for thousands of years for housing, which can be sublimated with a touch of sculptural art. The blue finish finishes bringing a hint of modernity to the presentation.

Nature sublimated by the hand of man

The particularly rounded base vaguely reminds the shape of the fruit carried by this particularly exotic tree. Moreover, incrustations carved finely all around this container can lead the imagination of the observer to a fairy universe. A real gift of nature that the man has just sublimated to give an article of decoration quite contemporary and imbued with modernity.

Size of this vase

This blue vase with a depth of 100 cm, a thickness of 3.5 cm, and a diameter of 28 cm / height 26 cm, for a height of 101 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 9.8 Kg.

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1 Item

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De 26cm (Haut) à 28cm (Bas)
Bois recyclé

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